Martingales have always been a fascination for the uninitiated in the casino: so what about fact or fiction? For my part, I am anti martingales and other ups and downs and systems mmc thai; they are pure scams, and here is why!

Scientists of all stripes have always tried to unravel the mystery of casino games to reverse the advantage (or payout rate ) in favor of the casino player. These betting systems, or martingales, date back for some to the 18th century and bear the names of a few prestigious mathematicians: D’Alembert, Fibonacci, etc. We also speak of “betting system,” “rising,” or even “attack” in roulette.

Here’s why martingales don’t work, and you need to forget about them

The basic principle of a martingale is to double your bet for each loss to recover the previous loss. In itself, this seems quite logical.

Now let’s add two factors to roulette, for example:

A zero square, the casino advantage is then 1.35%

A minimum bet of € 5 and a maximum of € 500

Now let’s do a simple simulation; you bet € 5 on red and black comes out ten times in a row, which is nothing exceptional. You would then have to bet 5 euros the first time, 10 euros in the second round, 20 in the third, and so on:

5 + 10 + 20 + 40 + 80 + 160 + 320 + 640 + 1280 + 2560 + 5120 = 10 235 euros to recover your previous bets and return to zero.

This sum is enormous, but also, from the 6th round, you will be above the maximum bet authorized by the casino, which will prevent you from continuing this martingale. Hope you understand that this is of no interest and that it is not an interesting system.

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