Many scientists have tried to beat the casino by watching roulette 1bet2u Malaysia and trying to predict which numbers were most likely to come out… and some have succeeded!

An unbalanced wheel

 The first known cheater was Joseph Jagger, the man who broke the bank in Monaco in 1873 by noting the numbers where the ball was most likely to land. To prevent these kinds of exploits, casinos monitor the performance of the cylinders and rebalance them regularly to keep the spins’ results as random as possible.

Some numbers keep coming out more often than others …

Armed with powerful software, “Los Pelayos” will demonstrate to the whole world that roulette is not invincible and win a lot of money.

In the early 1990s, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo used a computer to model roulette roller trends at the Casino de Madrid in Spain. By betting on the numbers that were most likely to come out and his family members, he was able to make over $ 1 million over several years. Very quickly, he realizes that some numbers come out more often than others. So he has the idea of ​​creating software that will allow him to know the winning numbers.

A court of law ruled in his favor when the casinos questioned the legality of his method. He has become persona non grata in casinos around the world.

… while some English people use mobile phones to predict areas

In 2004, a group in London used phones equipped with cameras to predict where the marble would stop, a method of cheating called area targeting. In December 2004, the court ruled that they had not cheated because their technique did not influence the ball’s path: they kept their 1.3 million pounds. 

Some move the tokens to the right spaces: “the stroller.”

Some players push or add chips unnoticed at the roulette table, this is a technique known to dealers, and it is more like magic and outright fraud than anything else.

Another cheating technique considered fraud, less known to the public is to pretend you bet your chips too late: the dealer will tell you to get your chips back. Except that in the movement, you also deposited tokens of the color of your teammate, which you will leave! This roulette cheating technique works in English roulette, where each player has an assigned chip color.

Another team cheating technique is in the same spirit: one of the players pushes a chip on the number that has just come out before the dealer has had time to call and clear the stack while other players have left. The team distracts from the dealer’s attention. When the number comes out, one of the player’s contests and draws attention, another player gestures to distract attention, while a third push the chips to the correct number and the fourth claims the winnings of the deception: A fraud that can be spotted on the video recording of the casino.

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